Cornelius Edmund Sullivan MFA has taught Drawing at the Harvard University Graduate School of Design, and at The University of Miami, The University of Miami School of Architecture, the Danforth Museum, and Art History at Florida International University. He studied Physics at Boston College and completed a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Rhode Island School of Design in 1991 and a Master of Fine Arts from The University of Miami in 1996.

For many years he was an Artist in Residence for the City of Cambridge, MA School Department. At the same time he served as the elected Artist's Representative to The Board of Directors of The Boston Center for the Arts and was a Master Etching Printer at Impressions Workshop Atelier in Boston. He has been a lecturer and consultant in Rome beginning in 2007  for  leading the "Caravaggio Seminar", and tours of "Arte Vaticana", and "Galleria Borghese".

Mr. Sullivan was invited in September to attend a Conference for Foreign Journalists at the Vatican hosted by Sant Croce Pontifical University and was issued a Journalist's Vatican Press Pass for the Conclave of 2013. He is a Journalist and Art Critic for The Italian Insider Newspaper in Rome and the Saint Auistin Review, South Bend, Indiana.

Sullivan was an Adjunct Professor Co-Teaching a class, Theology of the Body in Renaissance Art,  with Dr.l Waldstein on Theology and Art at Ave Maria University in Florida. He has been a Visiting  Lecturer on Sacred Art at Ave Maria University, for example with: Sacred Art and Modernism  at an Honors Colloquium, Perspectives on Modern Art, March 19, 2014.

He was a respondant with Dr. Waldstein to the Lecture delivered on October 6, 2014 at Ave Maria University by Distinguished Visiting Professor Philosopher Roger Scruton on "The Human Figure in Art". Sullivan's response was called "Response to Bad Art" centered around Scruton's BBC video "Why Beauty Matters".

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