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 Pieta and Rachel, marble.   


New article- Carving by the Michelangelo Quarry in Carrara 

Cornelius Sullivan

August, 2014

Carrara, Italy 

I am carving a block of marble from the Michelangelo Quarry in Carrara. I am in an outdoor carving studio by the side of the road that leads to that quarry. I am told that where I am standing is the old road that Michelangelo would have walked daily going to the city below and to the quarries above. 

Even though Michelangelo is a large industry here, no one has bothered to learn in particular how he carved, that very thing which most reveals how he thought, indeed that individual attribute which explains why he was such a great artist. 

I carve using the same tools and the method that the great sculptor used. It is not due to any brilliance or even diligence on my part. It is do to the fact that I had no other teacher. I was trained in drawing and painting at Rhode Island School of Design. I moved to Vermont, not far from Vermont Marble Company. The road bed was raised with ruble, waste marble, from the quarry. I picked up a boulder and tried to carve it with a screw driver. Eventually some better tools enabled me to cease hitting that same thumb bone. But still there was no teacher.  more

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Drawing Saint Cecilia

Papal Conclave- Rome Photos 2013


 updated November 9, 2014  

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ArcAngelic Vision,  From Joseph Pearce's Magazine The Saint Austin Review, Nov/Dec 2013, article and cover. 





























































Blessed is the Fruit of Thy Womb, oil, 30 x 40", October, 2014.